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Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel

Västra Torggatan 2

Karlstad, Sweden

Ph: +46-(0)54-10 02 00

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Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and Communication Conference
June – 1 July 2004


Hosted by

Karlstads Universitet, Karlstad, Sweden

Co-Chairs: Charles Ess and Fay Sudweeks,

Vice-Chairs: Malin Sveningsson and Ylva Hård af Segerstad


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595 sek/night (Fri/Sat/Sun rate)


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845 sek/night (Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu rate)


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750 sek/night (Fri/Sat/Sun rate)


Double Room

1145 sek/night (Fri/Sat/Sun rate)



[These discount conference rates are guaranteed only until 30 April, 2004]


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The conference rates are 26 € per person per night and include breakfast. I will notify the hotel the day before I am scheduled to arrive should I need to change my plans.  Otherwise the hotel will hold my room for my arrival and charge my credit card for that night.




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