Getting to Karlstad
Karlstad is well serviced by air, train and bus connections. See the map of Karlstad.

By Air
There are direct flights from Stockholm or Copenhagen. Airlines that usually have good prices include: Lufthansa/SAS, KLM, Air France, Iceland Air and Finnair. If you are travelling via London, Ryan Air has some very cheap flights to Stockholm. Note, however, that Ryan Air does not fly into Arlanda, which is the major airport for Stockholm. You can also fly into Gothenborg. However, you would then need to take the train from Gothenborg to Karlstad since there are no connecting flights. This journey takes about 3 hours.
Check flight arrivals and departures at Karlstad Airport.

By Train
If you are flying into Gothenborg you can take the Airport Bus directly to the train station. From there you can take several trains directly to Karlstad. For schedule information see,4452,3367_1,FF.html. The same applies for Stockholm. There is both a bus service and a new train. Both take you to the Central Station. See the above web address for specific train information.
Airport bus to central station of Gothenburg: ~50 sek (one way).
Train from Gothenborg to Karlstad: ~220 sek (one way).

By Bus
Unless you have a lot of time on your hands or just enjoy the experience of sitting on a bus for extended periods of time, we would not recommend this option. However, check out for inter European bus schedules.

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