Administrator Help
Allocation of Paper Reviews:

Administration must first click on the "Allocation of Paper Reviews". They are then presented with the Allocation page. After clicking on the "Allocate Reviewers, a list of suggested Reviewers is given in the pop-up window. Administration can make the final decision on paper allocation by clicking on the appropriate tick-boxes. Their decision may be aided by the information given regarding the number of papers already allocated to particular reviewers. Note If Administration reconsiders a paper allocation and decides to remove the reviewer from the conference paper, they can click on the "Delete Reviewers", and proceed to tick off those who are no longer needed. Once Administration is finally satisfied with the allocation process, they can send bulk email notification messages to the Reviewers. This involves clicking on the "click here to send confirmation emails to assigned reviewers" hyperlink located at the bottom of the Allocation of Papers page.

Summary of Submitted Papers:

To view a list of the conference papers and gain access to the softcopy versions, administration must click on the "Summary of Submitted Papers" link. The PDF and Word documents are downloaded simply by clicking on the appropriate "Download" hyperlink.

Remove a Category:

In the case where a category is to be deleted from the system the "Remove a Category" link, is to be clicked. The procedure is similar to that of the "Submit a Category" process, where-by the user selects from the drop-down menu and clicks on the "Remove Category" button.

Remove a Paper:

Certain papers may no longer be needed to be store on the CATaC system. If this is the case, then Administration can remove them by firstly clicking on "Remove a Paper" in the menu. This brings up the window shown below. Removing a paper involves choosing the redundant conference paper from the drop-down menu and then clicking on "Remove Paper". Once the user has deleted all necessary papers they can get back to the main menu by clicking on the button labelled "Back to main page".

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