Tallinn is a delightful city to visit as it is one of the best retained medieval European towns. Its web of winding cobblestone streets and properties, from the 11th to 15th centuries, are preserved nearly in its entirety. All the most important state and church buildings from the Middle Ages have been preserved in their basic original form, as well as many citizens’ and merchants’ residences, along with barns and warehouses from the medieval period. Check the Tallinn tourist site for more information.

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Rooms have been booked at the Hotell Ülemiste in Tallinn for the night before the conference (27 June) and the night after the conference (2 July) for registrants who would like to stay in Tallinn. To reserve a room, download the Booking Form and fax the completed form to +372 6032 601.
Hotell Ülemiste
Lennujaama tee 2,
Tallinn 11101

500 metres from airport
Tel: +372 6032 600
Fax: +372 6032 601

Room rates per night incl. buffet breakfast and taxes:
Single room: 1360 EEK
Double room: 1600 EEK

To get there:

Walk: When you step outside the airport, turn right and follow the signs to the hotel. The hotel is 500 metres from the airport.

Bus: Catch Bus #2 outside the airport and get off at the first or second stop. Bus leaves 2-3 times per hour (see timetable - airport is Lennujaam and the hotel is either Lindakivi or Ülemiste keskus). Fare: 10 EEK

Taxi: If taking the taxi ask for a receipt when you get to the hotel to ensure you are charged the regular rate rather than the inflated tourist rate.