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Information Systems Research Group

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The Information Systems Research Group includes several academic staff members and many postgraduate research students. A broad range of research areas within information systems are explored. These include: information security behaviour, e-learning and information technology education, social media, open source software collaboration, HCI.

Information security behaviour topics and projects include:

  • Home user information security - Nik Thompson, Tanya McGill and Alex Wang
  • Password security – Florence Mwagwabi, Tanya McGill and Mike Dixon
  • Phishing protection – Samantha Bax, Tanya McGill and Val Hobbs
  • Information security and privacy in BYOD Environments –Abubakar Bello, Jocelyn Armarego and David Murray
  • Cyber security management in government organisations - Pema Choejey, Lance Fung, Kevin Wong, David Murray and Nik Thompson

E-learning and information technology education topics and projects include:

  • Social media in higher education – Tanya McGill and Jane Klobas
  • Flipped learning - David Murray, Terry Koziniec and Tanya McGill
  • Transnational education and IT – Danny Toohey and Tanya McGill
  • Studio—based eLearning – Jocelyn Armarego
  • E-Learning adoption - Tanya McGill and Jane Klobas
  • Learning analytics – Danny Toohey
  • IT certification – Mike Dixon, Terry Koziniec and Tanya McGill
  • IT student attrition – Tanya McGill
  • The IT teaching-research-industry-learning nexus – Tanya McGill and Jocelyn Armarego
  • Mobile use in informal learning – Kham Sila Ahmad, Jocelyn Armarego and Fay Sudweeks
  • Effective presentations techniques to leverage learning – Bruce Hilliard, Jocelyn Armarego and Tanya McGill

Social media topics and projects include:

  • Health information searching and sharing – Alex Wang
  • Social media data collection –James Meneghello, Nik Thompson and Kevin Wong
  • Social media in higher education – Tanya McGill and Jane Klobas

Impacts of technology on society topics and projects include:

  • Technology adoption – Tanya McGill, Jane Klobas and Alex Wang
  • ICT and women’s empowerment – Laizu Zebunnessa, Jocelyn Armarego and Fay Sudweeks


  • UMRG (University of Malaya Research Grant) 2014. RM87,700 (AU $30,169). ‘The Disruptive Effects of Social Networks in Individual Wellbeing’. Sedigheh Moghavvemi (University of Malaya), Anin Sulaiman (University of Malaya), Jane Klobas (Bocconi University /Murdoch University), Tanya McGill (Murdoch University).
  • School of Engineering and Information Technology Small Grant 2014. $5,800. ‘Human factors in computer security – A study of behavioural factors and home user security practice’. Nik Thompson and Tanya McGill.
  • OLT Strategic Priority Project 2013. $319,200. 'Learning Analytics: assisting universities with student retention'. Deborah West (CDU), Henk Huijser (Batchelor), Jurg Bronnimann (Batchelor), Carol Miles (Newcastle U.), Danny Toohey (Murdoch U.), Alfred Lizzio (Griffith U.), David Heath (CDU)
  • ALTC Priority Project 2009. $215,000. Philip Ogunbona (Wollongong U.), Fazel Naghdy (Wollongoong U.), Tanya McGill (Murdoch U.), Jocelyn Armarego (Murdoch U.), Chris Pilgrim (Swinbourne U), Paul Bailes (UQ), Golshah Naghdy (Wollongong U.), and Dr Tony Koppi (Wollongong U.).

Recent Doctoral Completions: