Information Systems

Information Systems Research Group

Research Students

Mehrnaz Akbari Roumani

Thesis Title: Assessing Economic Impact Due to Cyber Attacks with System Dynamics

Rukshan Alexander

Thesis Title: Usability Themes in High and Low Context Culture: A Comparative Study

Sam Bax

Thesis Title: The Influence of Perceived Costs and Expected Rewards on the Use of Protective Behaviours Against Phishing Threats

Abubakar Bello Garba

Thesis Title: A Framework for Investigating, Assessing, Understanding, and Controlling the Information Security and Privacy Risks in BYOD Environments

Pema Choejey

Thesis Title: An Integrated Approach Towards Cybersecurity Management for Government Organisations in Bhutan

Mona Gabriel-Seow

Thesis Title: Alignment of Business Strategies and Information Systems and Processes in Large Organisations

Bruce Hilliard

Thesis Title: Optimising Viewer Comprehension and Shaping Impressions and Attention (Through the Formatting of Content in Tools Like Microsoft PowerPoint)

Siti Salmi Jamali

Thesis Title: An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Learning in Cognitive and Affective Learning Outcomes Using Mobile-Augmented Reality

James Meneghello

Thesis Title: Social Media as a Sensor

Jeremy Nunn

Thesis Title: Towards a Unified Methodology for Supporting the Integration of Data Sources for Use in Web Applications

Ziba Rangi Tehrani

Thesis Title: Project Histories and Knowledge Re-use in the Infrastructure Industry

Nazanin Sabooniha

Thesis Title: Towards Interoperability of Healthcare Information

Saeed Shariati

Thesis Title: The Impact of Information and Communication Technology on the Satisfactory Integration of Iranian Refugees in Australia

Jamal Sheglabo

Thesis Title: An Investigation of the Factors that Impact the Intention to Adopt and Use mICT in the Libyan Construction Industry

Shalini Watson

Thesis Title: Types of Learning Designs Incorporating Animated Pedagogical Agents (APAs): Their Potential for Improving Academic Writing Competence and Writing Self-efficacy, and Reducing Writing Anxiety