Intelligent Virtual Environment & Simulation research group

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Welcome to IVES

The Intelligent Virtual Environment and Simulation or IVES is a research group at the School of Engineering and Information Technology at Murdoch University to identify and nurture promising research areas in the disciplines of intelligent systems and interactive virtual environment. IVES focuses on intelligent data analytics, data science, data mining, pattern recognition, 3D virtual environments (including Virtual and Augmented Realities), simulation, human computer interactions and interfaces, learning analytics, and computational intelligence techniques. Not only we work with other academics within the school and the universities, we also collaborate with other universities and industrial partners locally and worldwide.

Some of our current projects include Computer-based Rehabilitation System for Stroke Survivors, Radiology Assistance Training Simulator (RATS), Emotion Recognition using EEG, Computer Analysis of EEG for Dyslexia Detection, and Data Mining with Imbalanced Data.

For queries, collaboration or to join the research group, please email directly to the corresponding staff or ives@murdoch.edu.au.