AI 2011: 24th Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence


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Accepted Workshops

 Australasian Ontology Workshop (AOW 2011)

The use of formal ontologies in knowledge systems has many advantages. It allows for an unambiguous specification of the structure of knowledge in a domain, enables knowledge sharing and, as a result, makes automated reasoning about ontologies possible. In recent years there has been a worldwide increase in the use of ontologies, both in industry and in research laboratories. There is a growing community of researchers in Australia and New Zealand, working on various aspects of ontologies. The primary aim of this workshop is to bring together ontology researchers in the region.

The goals of the workshop are:

  • to encourage interaction between this community and the international Ontology community;

  •  to foster interaction between academic and industrial researchers;

  • to encourage dissemination of research results;

  • to provide a forum for the discussion of new and ongoing research and projects;

  • to provide an opportunity for the broader artificial intelligence community to become aware of local Ontology research; and

  • to increase the visibility of Ontology research in Australia, New Zealand and overseas.



The first Australian Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Health (AIH 2011)

The business of Health Delivery is a complex one. Employing over 850,000 people, and delivering services to 21.3 million residents, the Australian healthcare system is currently strained to the maximum in dealing with increasing demand for services, and an acute shortage of skilled professionals. The National e-Health Strategy drives a nationwide research agenda to provide the infrastructure and tools required to support the planning, management and delivery of health care services.

Deriving principles from the disciplines of computer science, mathematics, philosophy and physiology, and consisting of different fields, from machine vision to expert systems, the field of Artificial Intelligence deals with the creation of “machines that can think”. Focussed on traits of reasoning, knowledge representation, planning, learning, communication, perception and social intelligence, Artificial Intelligence has been widely applied to augment the state of the art in Health Informatics. The journey from MyCin to Watson epitomizes the journey of AI tools in supporting Health Informatics.

The proposed workshop is a first of its kind National initiative to bring together scholars and practitioners in the field of Artificial Intelligence driven Health Informatics to present and discuss their research, share their knowledge and experiences, define key research challenges and explore possible collaborations to advance e-Health development nationally and internationally. The workshop will be held in conjunction with the 24th Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI 2011). 


  • Sankalp Khanna (CSIRO Australian e-Health Research Centre, Australia)

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