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Surveying the State of IPv6 Deployment in Australia and China

Expected transition time

For those organisations that have not deployed IPv6 yet but are planning to deploy it and those that have not fully deployed IPv6 yet (not deployed in internal networks and Internet facing services), we now investigate the required transition time as estimated by the respondents.

Figure 9 shows the expected transition times for different services. Depending on the service 50--75% of organisations plan to transition in the next 6--12 months. However, 25% or more of organisations (depending on the service) will need another 1--2 years, while approximately 20% of organisations will need more than two years. Overall the transition plans of Australian companies are more aggressive, but for a number of services the difference is very small.

Figure 9: Expected transition times for different services
Figure 9: Expected transition times for different services

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This project is supported by a grant from the Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF Asia). This project is done in collaboration with APNIC Pty Ltd.