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Surveying the State of IPv6 Deployment in Australia and China

IPv6 Production problems

Figure 4 shows the responses to the question what the problems are with IPv6 in production. “Lack of investment money” is viewed as the smallest problem (China has significantly lower mean than Australia, with the biggest problem being the “Lack of training of staff”. Consistent with the higher deployment of IPv6 in China, the “Business case”, “Convincing decision makers” and “Lack of demand” appear to be smaller problems in China compared to Australia, yet only for demand the difference is statistically significant. Technical problems are seen as more of an issue in China, possibly because Chinese organisations are further ahead in IPv6 deployment and have had more opportunities to experience technical problems.

Figure 4: Problems with IPv6 in production
Figure 4: Problems with IPv6 in production

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This project is supported by a grant from the Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF Asia). This project is done in collaboration with APNIC Pty Ltd.